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About Digital DIY Geek

I recommend you read our Mission before learning more about us as a company. We want to impact 100,000 small business owners with the skills and software required to build a successful online business. will be sharing with you how the strategic Marketing Geek started from scratch and built an Information and software company from nothing but a dream.

Even if you’re starting with less than $500.00 by focusing on the right things you can build a business that allows you to have the upfront cash flow to grow your business.

Digital DIY Geek is going to be a ten person team with most of them being developers and customer support. For now, it’s me bootstrapping the business starting with an idea and what it take to make that idea a reality.

You are invited to go on a journey with me as I share with you the ups and downs of building an online business that’s designed to empower small business owners with the skills and tools required to take their business to the next level.

You’re not going to find any get rich quick stuff here, in fact, you’re going to find a lot of sleepless nights, frustrating moments with no real guarantees of success.

This is what it truly means to be a true entrepreneur you’re always in class, and it’s always a new mountain to climb.

This is what Advance Affiliate Marketing is about we love software, so we are going to be learning how to code to get the software company up and going.

I will be using affiliate marketing to kickstart my cash flow, while I would make a lot more money by jumping out there creating a product, I hate when people try to teach something they have never done.

We have never built a software product before, but we do understand how affiliate marketing works, and we believe in testing the market before we invest our time and money into creating a product.

Sure in the short term we are losing money, but the skills we will gain by learning how to market other people’s products successfully will allow us to knock it out the park when we create our first product.

If you ever wanted to create a software or information business but your business was capital restraint, then Advance Affiliate Marketing is for you.

If you’re into the get rich with no work and selling stuff that doesn’t work, then I recommend you don’t even waste your time here.

Until Next Time,

~ Strategic Marketing Geek

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