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When it comes to reaching out to us, the easiest way to do it is using the form below. If you’re into social media, you can reach out to us on Twitter.

If you have a question, and you need an answer now, I recommend you call or text me, yes that’s right call or text me at 312.285.6533. Honestly, at some point,

I will have to take my number off the site because we will be too big and I simply can’t answer all the questions by myself; however, right now we are in our learning phase so I will have to do the best I can.

If you don’t understand something, I covered on the website take a moment to shoot me a text for clarification.

Oh, don’t worry I will not be trying to sell you anything during our chat it’s 110% about helping you get to the next level.

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but it could be even harder when you don’t have people around who understand what you’re doing.

I strongly recommend you take me up on my offer to reach out to me via text.

Until Next Time

~ Strategic Marketing Geek

C: 312.285.6533

E: [email protected]