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You have a lot of marketers out here unknowingly building someone else brand for free while keeping their sales in a chokehold.

Don’t believe me?

Okay, allow me to prove it.

When I say, Facebook Ads Guru who do you think of?

For me, I instantly think about Amy Porterfield some people may think about Michelle Pescosolido while others might think about Mari Smith.

What if I said I wanted to learn the power editor who does you instantly think about for that?

For me, I only know one person and that’s Jon Loomer. I don’t know anyone else online that teaches the power editor or have positioned themselves as an expert on the power editor.

Here’s my point, if you’re trying to be the next Facebook king or queen all you’re doing is promoting whoever already own that place in that prospect’s mind.

Picking your business name and message is critical because they last thing you want to do is make them think about someone else and their brand.

To see a great example of this, you don’t have to look any further than the WordPress niche.

You have a ton of people out there that want to teach people how to build a website, but the problem is everyone saying the same thing.

For me personally, the website creation expert is already taken, for me, it’s for you it might be something else.

That won’t stop people from naming their site WP”XYZ”.com or “ABC” the problem is your promoting without knowing you’re doing it.


In my mind and in yours we judge people off whatever we know to be the best. If we get gas for $2.94 that’s going to be really bad or really good depending on how much it cost you to fill up last time.

The same is true in your online business if you just saying the same thing someone else said and you have a name close to that other person’s name then you already lost.

How To Position Your Online Business For Success…

At this point I am sure you see how people are failing right out the gate, now let’s talk about how to fix these problems.

First thing first, you need your company name or domain name to be a benefit-rich domain name. You need this name to do two things 1) call out to the people you want to serve and 2) turn off the people you don’t want to serve.

For example…

Look at Digital DIY Geek.

Right up front, I am telling people this is a do it yourself site, and it’s based around the internet because it’s called digital. The other thing it’s doing is turning off those marketers who love outsourcing.

You see while I don’t have a problem with outsourcing that’s not what I want to be known for, that position in the reader’s mind is already taken.

This means I had to find a new angle to position myself as without accidentally promoting someone else.

I’m not saying this is easy and it took me the better part of a month to come up with this name. This is one of those few times that I will tell you not to rush it because this can make or break your business.

I also don’t want you stressing about it either so you might want to read this ( How to Melt Stress and Start Making Smarter Faster Decisions Right Now)…

Once you have a good name, now it’s time to figure out your hook, for me I was telling people they would learn how to make their first thousand dollars.

Can you say boring?

This is what everyone is already saying…

Once I realized it was weak at best, and promoting other peoples message I changed it up.

Now I say this is “Digital DIY Geek” from where we teach you how to build your online business from scratch without using an overpriced cookie-cutter system.

While I know this needs work, it’s good enough to keep me moving forward for right now.

The goal is I don’t know anyone who has position themselves as a “Do It Yourself Marketer” who create all their own marketing messages.

The funny thing is most of the top marketers uses their own messages, but none of them have actually position themselves as a DIY Marketer.

Everyone wants to be a Facebook Marketer, Lead Specialist, Social Media Consultant or something along those lines.

I mean those names are awesome, but do you really want to be competing with people like Frank Kern, Mike Dillard, Amy Porterfield, Ryan Deiss etc…

That’s a losing battle those marketers have proven they have the goods, but what all of them lack is the techie stuff.

Which is why I picked up Digital DIY Geek, because now instead of competing with them now I can stand beside them in the mind of my readers.

If you look at any of the people you follow, they all have a specific thing they do and it’s for that reason that they are able to hold your attention hostage.

Without these two things your like every other marketer out there making mindless decisions about your business, without looking at the end game.

Don’t be that person…

Just remember, being a guru or expert is all subjective, it just depends on where the reader is at that point in their business.

If you give a book author the chance to sit down with Fran Kern or Ryan Diess to talk about how their building a business online most of the authors wouldn’t care until they find out how many books they have sold without a publisher.

My point is you’re not trying to position yourself in every reader mind you only want to position yourself in your targeted reader’s mind.

Do that and you can’t help but win.

Until Next Time,
~ Digital DIY Geek