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Here at, We want to start by encouraging you to make sure you watch our sales video or read our sales page to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.

We do our very best to ensure we represent our products with great precision and accuracy. We do not hype up our products, and we tell you right up front who our training and software works best for, we don’t believe in misleading people.

We know and understand our products are not for everyone. If you don’t like hard work then our training and software are not for you, we are not selling hope we are selling blood, sweat, and tears because that’s what it really takes to build a successful business today.

Here at Digital DIY Geek, we do not believe in getting rich quick stuff or push button sales or any of that other nonsense. we believe that you should know something about creating landing pages, have a basic understanding of ad copy and driving traffic, in fact, these are essentials skills if you want to have success online.

This is one of the main reasons why we don’t recommend just using 100% commission systems to people who are just starting online or network marketers looking to grow their business. In short, our training our not for everyone our training our design to get you results it’s not for entertainment or something for you to do.

Updated Refund Policy January 1, 2017


Due to being primarily a Results based company we are no longer offering refunds. The reason for this is because in the past we have suffered great losses due to people downloading our software and training then asking for a refund while keeping our software and training to grow their business.

We now want you to commit to your success right up front, if all you want to do is peek inside, our products aren’t right for you. By clicking the buy now button you agree that you are holding yourself accountable for taking action.

You understand that we do not offer refunds and you reserve the right to cancel future payments at any time. The Exception to the rule: If you can show us where you have followed our training/s Taking ConsistentAction and have not seen any results then we will be more than happy to give you a refund within the first 30 days.

Digital DIY GEEK is a results-based company. We will hold you accountable for taking action so if you can not show us where you have been implementing our strategies then we will deny your refund.

This is our way of ensuring we only work with the people who have the desire to build their business and truly want results. Yes, we understand this refund policy will hurt our conversion rate but for us, it is so worth it.

Until Next Time,

~ Strategic Marketing Geek