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Quality content is one of those things that everyone talks about, but no one really breaks down what it is…

Oh, wait…

Telling someone to add value is not telling the reader what quality content is…

Here’s my crack at it.

Here’s what you have to understand right up front, quality content is subjective.

For example…

If I was talking to you about how to pick the right type of shoes for your feet, would you read that?

Unless you currently have problems with your feet I’m sure you said no.

On the other hand, if you were having problems with your feet or someone else was having problems with their feet this would be something they would read.


When people read your content you have to understand, they are reading your content, listening to your content or watching your content through the lens of their goals and if what you are talking about can help them reach that goal.

This is one of the main reasons why I like SEO as a long-term strategy, unlike paid traffic SEO is not interruption based.

Your reader is actively looking for ways to solve their problem. This means if you take the time out to craft your content in a way that’s designed to help the reader, you too can create content that sucks your reader in and holds their attention.

Quality Content Starts With Understanding The Problem Just A Little Better Than Your Reader…

Okay, here’s the deal, quality content gives your reader that “ah ha” moment.

I agree that is easier said than done, but the truth is we don’t have to know that much more than our reader.

We are taking steps not miles.

We have to be willing to do some research and learn more about our topic before we ever sit down to write our first line.

For example…

When I first got started online, I heard everyone online talking about you have to have quality content…

In some of the blog post I read in the comment section, they would write quality content like ten times.

The problem with this is I was surfing the net trying to figure out how to create quality content or what is quality content for that matter; everyone was saying you have to have quality content.

I can’t tell you how much this frustrated me; it was like saying how do you get to the NBA and someone says you have to be able to play ball really well.

It’s like okay I knew that much, can you give me some tips, strategy or insight into how I would go about doing that…

Here’s my point, when you’re creating quality content you have to be able to say more than what you heard somewhat else say.

You want to be able to go deep into a topic, this way the reader know you know what you’re talking about, and you’re not just another me-too person saying the same old same old.

Quality Content Is Engaging…

I’m sure you know and have heard right now the number one thing that we are fighting for today online is attention.

Here’s the deal, how you talk and your writing style is going to be what attracts and builds your audience.

For example…

When I first started creating content online, I thought I had to wear a suit or something nice every time I turned on the camera.

If I didn’t have on something nice and had a haircut, you weren’t hearing from me.

Guess what?

Being like this, I didn’t attract too many people, mainly because I wasn’t true to myself and people could see it.

The people I did attract liked me because I was super professional, the problem is I hate suits and my grammar suck.

When you’re creating content it’s true you have to find your writing style, for me, I like being a little cheesy in my articles.

I don’t like wearing suits or worrying about what I have on, so now I write the way I talk.

The people who like it great the people who don’t, well let’s just say we not a good fit for each other and leave it at that…

If you try to be someone you’re not you will always have a hard time creating compelling content…

Quick question…

Do you think I had a hard time writing this article?

Not at all…

Do you know why?

It’s because I’m speaking directly from my experiences and me creating well over 200 videos and more than 132 articles at this point.

Do you want to know a secret?

I am still finding my voice, I still don’t have it dialed in like I want, but I’m getting there…

I shared that last part with you because, I don’t want you to think, that you’re either born a good writer, or you’re not…

Heck, for a long time I didn’t want to write because my grammar suck and people can be really mean at times.

Now, I just don’t care.

If someone can’t look past a few, okay more than a few mistakes to get the value out the post, then that’s their fault, and they need to rethink being an entrepreneur.

I suggest you pick up this attitude, that’s not to say you shouldn’t do your best to make sure you have a polished post because I do.

But, you can’t sweat the small stuff.

Quality Content Paint Pictures In Your Readers Mind…

If you look at this article, you will notice that I have peppered it with little small stories throughout the entire thing.

It didn’t read like an essay, and I wasn’t talking to the world, I’m talking to you and you alone.

These are the type of things that make your content engaging…

The last thing is you want to use metaphors as much as possible. Metaphors paint a picture in the reader’s mind.

For example…

Creating quality content is like watching your favorite show without the commercials…

On the other hand, poor content is like trying to get someone to sit through the commercials, without hitting the fast-forward button.

Sadly enough in our case, there is no fast-forward button, they leave our site, and in most cases, we lose our chance to turn them into a loyal reader.

You instantly get it.

This metaphor paints the picture of you watching your favorite show (mine is all of the Marvels and DC’s shows) and get interrupted by a commercial, you reach for the remote to fast forward just to realize you’re watching live tv or they disable the fast-forward button.

Or is this just me?

I hope you see how powerful and engaging metaphors are and how easy it is to sprinkle it throughout your content painting pictures in your reader’s mind…

Not only does this keep your reader engaged but it ensures, your reader understands what you’re saying and following along with you.

It’s like saying Bill Gates is worth 84 Billion Dollars, while we know that’s a lot of money we don’t understand how much money that is…

Now, if we said, Bill Gates can buy 160,000 houses at $500,000 and still have 4 Billion dollars in the bank.

We now have a better understanding of Bill Gates wealth because for most of us we either think about our dream house, high-rise or loft that we want and the loved ones and friends we would buy a house for.

When you use metaphors it allows you to simplify the complicated stuff, and break it down to your reader, while enabling them to pull from their own experiences and knowledge.

I recommend you read this again because this article in bodies what quality content is and how you can make every post you write epic.

Until Next Time,
~ Digital DIY Geek